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Introduction of Dr. Raj Kumar Lalwani

Dr.Raj Kumar Lalwani- is a Post Graduate(MD) in Internal Medicine and has also earned a Diploma In Diabetes Care from University of Newcastle, Australia.

Prestigious fellowship of FIMSA was awarded to him in 2004 He is in active practice since almost 27 Years and is in South Delhi since last 20 Years.

The revolutionary ideas Like “There is no Special Diet For Diabetes” , “Diabetes Diet needs simple Do’s and Don’ts only" and “Diet Charts are Useless” etc. were first talked by Dr.Lalwani - way back in 1995 ! Dr. Raj Kumar Lalwani’s Diabetes Care is the FIRST CENTRE IN INDIA where Diabetes Risk Calculation ,taking in account NON –HDL Cholesterol with Inflammatory markers AND NOT the so POPULAR LDL-Cholesterol , is being undertaken in all highrisk cases , since almost a decade now He is a great proponent of Empowering Patients ,through Education and Information. Dr Lalwani believes that Patient should himself be able to make correct choices in the matters of food,treatment and lifestyle .Medical fraternity across the world has also now realized and accepted this ! Quoting his words “My role in Diabetes Care is of an Air Traffic Control Tower -showing you the runway –“You” are the Pilot of Your (Life) Plane and it is you who is finally responsible for making a safe landing”.

Finger wagging "I am the Boss" like attitudes are never adopted in

Dr.Lalwani's Clinic! Dr Lalwani's views on managing Diabetes :"I may be knowing best of Diabetes & I may be one of the best Diabetologist BUT I can not be master of my patient's Life ! Patient is the expert of HIS LIFE ! We have to mutually adjust treatment plans keeping in view targets of treatment without disturbing patients personal or family life ! Empowering and Educating the patients for years by now,( WHO, American Diabetes Association and International Diabetes Federation realize & endorse this) -Patient himself should be empowered and educated enough to undertake treatment decisions in broader terms. Doctor makes crucial but finer adjustments with Drugs, Insulin and Lifestyle changes.

Dr. Raj Kumar Lalwani is Life Member of the following Medical Organizations:Memberships Cardiological Society of India(CSI)- Life Member Association of Physicians of India (API)-Life Member Research Society for Study of Diabetes in India (RSSDI)-Life Member 4-:Indian Society for Critical Care Medicine-Life Member IMA South Delhi--Life Member Delhi Diabetic Forum-Life Member IMSA-Life Member Geriatric Society of India-Life Member South Delhi Doctors' Forum-Founder and Life Member Professional Achievements/Research:

Research experience/Field of Interest

a-: Concluded---Prediabetes and Dyslipidemia in other siblings of known Diabetics in Sindhi Community living in South Delhi

b-: Ongoing---Study of 2H PPBG in Adolescent Overweight population

c-: Per-capita Fat and Sucrose consumption and its relation to BMI ,Triglycerides and FBG in Middle Class South Delhi families-Punjabis,Sindhis and South Indians

d-: I was part of Global trial on Insulin in Ty. 2 Diabetes with Eli Lilly

e-: Also participated in ICEON , I-START, Precision and two other international trials on Use of Insulin in Ty2 Diabetics with Novo-Nordisk

f-: Participated in dozens of post-marketing studies on Ant-Hypertensives, OHAs, Insulins etc with Wockhardt, Ranbaxy, Biocon, Sun ,Serdia, Sanofi-Aventis, Dr,Reddy’s etc. many prestigious companies known for their R& D activities.

g-: Study of Glycemic Index of conventional wheat Flour vs Flour + additive of Susta Grain Barley in Ty2 Diabetics

h-: Presently enrolling patients for SWITCH trial with Aventis-Basal Bolus vs MDI in Ty1 & Ty 2 Diabetes an Asia Pacific region Trial

1-: Patient education programs on various Diabetes Care related subjects at many of the hospitals where I worked were actually started by me.

2-: First to propagate Self-Monitoring of Blood Glucose and the concept of Patient Empowerment through Patient Education enabling them to self-decision making in day-to-day Diabetes care. I started it way back in 2001 and this concept is now being recognized world over.

3-: Nurses' Education in Diabetes Care.

4-: Successful Organization of--Scientific Exhibition, Dozens of Diabetes Camps, Health Checkup Camps etc at community level.

5-: Active participation in community level activities.

6-: I am a certified Diabetes Educator for Physicians.

7-: Regular speaker in monthly CMEs at various hospitals/forums.

8-: Teaching sessions for DNB, Medicine Students at Rockland Hospital.

Membershipships/Post :
Society For Medical Education: President and Director RSSDI - Life Member and Jt. Secy. Life Member : CSI,API, ISCCM, SDMA, IRA, DDF, SDDF, IMSA,GSI, ISBMR. Having an Eye for finer details, Dr. Lalwani is totally dedicated and committed to Diabetes -Care for all his patients. A regular visitor and contributor to many National & International Conferences. Addiction to Internet and Online Diabetes CMEs keeps up-dated with the latest in the medical world. His teaching abilities are lauded and recognized by Patients and Medical Faculty both. Diabetes Emergency Care is his real strong point. Needless to say accurate decisions with minimum reaction time are proofs of a Professionals' ability and confidence. Knack for perfection & quest for learning blended with an ability to remain flexible towards adaptation to all working conditions, with fearless and honest approach to his patients, makes him a dependable and reliable health care provider for hundreds and thousands of families who keep on putting faith in him.

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