Complicated Diabetes Clinic- A separate computer based State of the art Diabetes management programme Individualized as per the patient's needsInvolvement of Spouses and any other responsible family member is encouraged at all levels. We undertake ADA/Joslin Clinic(Harvard) Recommended model of Diabetes Management & Self management Training Program Diabetes is a chronic disease in which the body does not make or use insulin properly. Insulin is important because it changes the food we eat into energy.

There are several types of diabetes which include:

1-:Type 1 Diabetes

2-:Type 2 Diabetes

3-:Gestational Diabetes-Diabetes with pregnancy

Diabetes needs to be managed and monitored daily to prevent many problems like heart disease, kidney problems, blindness, foot infections/amputations, and nerve damage.

The primary goal for the Diabetes clinic is to educate and help patients with diabetes especially in the areas of:


2-:Meal Planning



5-:Diabetes-related problems

o Blood pressure

o Cholesterol

o Blood sugars AND of-course optimum treatment to achieve set “targets”

6-:No two patients can have similar targets then how can you think of giving same treatment to all patients. Beware of any such mass treatment campaigns.

7-:You can rely on the experienced professionals of our Diabetes Clinic. The clinic has an excellent team follows the Guidelines from Joslin Clinic(Boston) & American Diabetes Association.

The team includes:

o Doctors

o Nurse Educators

o Clinical Pharmacists

o Dieticians

o Social Workers

o Psychologists

o Diabetes Researchers

We provide complete evaluation and treatment for all diabetic conditions and its complications for patients of any age. Our team works closely with the family physician and send full reports to your Family Doctor with areas of concern if noticed,after each visit.

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