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Dr Raj Kumar Lalwani’s Diabetes and Heart Care:

Diet In Diabetes:

The following Items need special care:

1. Sugar, Gur, Jaggery, Mithai /Sweets

2. Cookies, Candies, Chocolates, Sweetened Drinks/Beverages

3. Pizzas, Cakes , Rusks, Pastries, Samosa ,Kachori, Bread Pakoras

4. Wafers, Biscuits, all Sweet snacks

5. Chips-Potato- Corn-Maida, Ice creams, Burgers, Doughnuts,

6. All Bakery Products with shining tops and Crunchy-Munch Bites!

7. Desi Ghee, Chyawan Prash, Butter Chicken and like gravies, Makhni Dal

8. All Creamy Greasy Gravies, snacks , paranthas or similar foods

These all are a BIG NO for the following categories:

Patients with Uncontrolled Diabetes

Patients who are Obese or Overweight even if Non Diabetic

Pregnant Ladies of Indian Origin

They must be restricted seriously in the following:

Patients diagnosed as Pre Diabetes

Overweight especially more if family history of Diabetes Heart Disease or High BP is there.

Indian Women planning Pregnancy

The few who can try them once in a while in SMALL PORTIONS ONLY:

Well controlled Diabetes

Normal Weight Exercising Individuals

Any person who is not a “High Risk” for Heart Disease or Diabetes

2. General Outline for Diabetes Diet:

Honestly there is NO SUCH THING AS DIABETES DIET. Moderation and Controls win the game for you!Remember, Diabetes occurs when your Pancreas is not producing enough Insulin to control Blood Glucose Levels in any particular situation.

Any treatment for Diabetes has to create a situation where Insulin supplies should match the demands created by your eating food.

All treatments which try to improve Insulin supply equations obviously are working through Medicines And obviously the effect of Medicine is not going to be under the control of your body’s organ systems.Naturally then if your food supplies do not match the Insulin supplies created by Medicines ,your controls will not be achieved !

Therefore Keep in mind the following:

1. Always follow instructions of your Diabetologist, who meticulously plans a treatment for you.

2. Take care to see that you are following the Before Meals and After Meals instructions also diligently , it means a lot in a successful treatment!

3. You must adhere to daily Timings of Meal intake and Drug Intake.

4. Your meal size and “content” should be more or less similar on day to day basis.

5. Your meal portion should be split into four small portions.

6. All four or five Meals should be nearly equal.

7. Each meal should be around 4 Hours away from the other meal.

8. Each meal should contain an optimum mix of cereals, lentils, veggies, greens, salads, dairy product etc. Try to see that your plate is having all colours from nature.

9. Veggies and greens should DOMINATE the plate all other things should be In nearly matching proportions.

10. Total daily consumption of food should not be allowed to exceed the prescribed quota you have from your Doctor.

11. A simple cutting down of Oils Fats and 25 to 30 percent reduction of total food you are consuming today, will make you lose weight by One Kg per Week !

12. Once in a while misadventure or ill-timed consumption of food will not make any serious differences in your Diabetes Care though!

13. Consuming adequate water ,thin buttermilk or salads or fruits like guava, strawberries, raspberries etc. can take care of any hunger left out after doing necessary restrictions !

Exercise in Diabetes: As already mentioned, Diabetes means there is not enough matching Insulin in your blood for the Glucose you have. Glucose keeps coming from Liver ,when you are not in FED state ,but after food consumption you get the Glucose spikes coming from your Intestines. These Glucose Spikes from food are drastically reduced by planning your meal components and portion size as described earlier under Diet Planning.

The other most important Lifestyle component which improves Glucose control is EXERCISE !

Points To Remember are:

1. Fancy gadgets, dresses/gear, Gym Membership or smart technologies etc. ARE NOT REQUIRED. Your WILL is the most important pre-requisite.

2. No specific exercise is superior to the other one, when it comes to Diabetes management.

3. Yoga CAN NOT substitute for Physical Exertion. It surely adds a lot other things.

4. Regularity in sessions is important.

5. Two sessions of Twenty Minutes are as good as a Forty Minute session.

6. 150 Minute a week over Five days is OK for fitness. Much more of it with Diet restriction is needed for weight loss.

7. Brisk walking, Jogging, Cycling. Swimming, Dancing etc. should be able to/intense enough to bring out sweat from your skin.


9. Discuss the timing and duration with your Doctor who will keep in mind your medicines and Diet both , before finalising an Exercise plan for you!

10. No two Exercise sessions should be more than 24 Hours away!


12.Exercise has numerous other Health Benefits for Bones Muscles Reflexes Agility Mood Appetite Digestion Blood Pressure Heart etc.

Gestational Diabetes too needs Regular Exercise summarised as under:

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