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Diabetes Clinic Services

  • 1-:Consultation concerning diagnosis and management of children & adults with diabetes.
  • 2-:Multidisciplinary clinical staff of Diabetologist - Dr. Raj Kumar Lalwani ,
  • 3-:Certified diabetes educator,
  • 4-:Dietician ,Yoga Educator and Exercise instructor
  • 5-:Both in-patient and out-patient management and education available through appropriate consultation with staff.
  • Dr. Raj Kumar Lalwani's Diabetes Care at , Malviya Nagar, undertakes following programs in Diabetes Care:
  • 1-:Clinical Nutrition
  • 2-:Diabetes Clinic
  • 3-:Diabetes Lifestyle & Yoga Program
  • 4-:Endocrinology Clinic
  • 5-:Osteoporosis Clinic-Bone Clinic
  • 6-:Risk Reduction Clinic-Holistic Approach to Cardiovascular Risk reduction
  • 7-:Pregnancy Diabetes Clinic-GDM, Diabetics Planning Pregnancy or already Pregnant
  • 8-:Young Adult Diabetes Clinic
  • 9-:Diabetes Foot Care Clinic
  • 10-:Sexual Disorders in Diabetes Clinic