My Views:

My Views on the so called Alternative Medicine in connection with Diabetes:

Alternative medicine systems for Diabetes Care, if at all are going to work for a patient,is only possible if they increase Insulin Production in your body or increase the “Powers”of Insulin available in your system. What I mean is that Diabetes will get corrected only when enough Insulin action is made available.Either you increase the Insulin levels OR you increase the potency of all that Insulin which is available in the system. Then my point is that why at all you should try treat with those drugs, of which even their prescribers do not know how they work or what would be the side effects!A claim that this particular herb will cure you from Diabetes because this is written in so and so ancient book,should not be accepted as scientific statement as such.These so called medicines or “Drugs”(! ? )are neither researched well nor they have been tried and declared safe by modern scientific parameters .Only Modern therapies with so- called Allopathy System, are actually tested with most stringent safety and efficacy parameters. Allopathy medicines undergo extensive studies in Labs,with animals ,then with Human beings for long long periods, before they are approved by regulatory bodies.We ,Doctors of modern system only know how a medicine prescribed by them actually works and what are the possible side effects. Then WHY AT ALL YOU SHOULD EVEN THINK OF TRYING ANYTHING ELSE like—unscientific and vague Alternative Medicine?

My View on special Diabetes Nutrition Products and Snacks:

Remember just being Sugar Free or Glucose Free or Just not being sweet does’nt make a food item safe for a Diabetic.For example Sugar free Sweets,candies,Ice Creams all have huge calorie burden.You are not consuming Sugar directly in such foods but excess of any such product adds to total caloric load.

No special nutrient has been proven to be effective in controlling Diabetes so don’t waste your hard earned money.All OTC (Over the Counter) available Diabetes preparations are mostly ineffective, unscientific and even can be dangerous .

Remember : They all treat Blood Sugar ,We Treat Individuals with Diabetes

Dr. Raj Kumar.Lalwani
Consultant Diabetologist,
Head Diabetes and Metabolic Diseases
P.G.Medical Center
Consultant -National Heart Institute, New Delhi.

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