Complicated Diabetes ( OR Diabetes With Complications)

Complicated Diabetes Clinic- A separate computer protocol based “State of the art Diabetes” management program, Individualized as per the patient’s needs is in operation. In Care of such Diabetics ,involvement of Spouses and any other responsible family member is encouraged at all levels. We undertake ADA/Joslin Clinic(Harvard) Recommended model of Diabetes Management & Self management, but again we must repeat that customization and Individualization is done under the expert guidance of Dr Lalwani.

What is Complicated Diabetes :

Diabetes is a chronic disease in which the body does not make or use insulin properly. Insulin is important because it changes the food we eat into energy.A continued high Glucose level is detrimental for all body organs which may suffer slow damage,which may not be obvious till very late.These are labelled as Complications of .Moreover , a few conditions may co-exist with Diabetes and cause a clinical situation making it a Complicated Diabetes. Remember , Complicated Diabetes makes treatment of Diabetes more complicated AND Complications Do Bring More Complications.Therefore a meticulous Diabetes management plan is necessary for any case of Complicated Diabetes.

There are several types of Complications which may Complicate Diabetes , like:

1-:Type 1 Diabetes- With Obesity , High Blood Pressure ,Onset of Puberty, Thyroid Disorder, PCOD , Delayed Puberty OR Diabetes with Eye, Kidney or other organ system damage
2-:Type 2 Diabetes : can also get complicated with all the conditions described above with Type 1 Diabetes PLUS special conditions prevalent with adult Indians like :Complications related to Heart , Nerves , Brain , Male Sexuality , Female Infertility/Abortions, Dementia etc make things difficult for patients.
3-:Gestational Diabetes or Diabetes with pregnancy is again a special situation demanding specialist care.
Diabetes needs to be managed and monitored daily to prevent many problems like heart disease, kidney problems, blindness, foot infections/amputations, and nerve damage.

The primary goal for the Complicated Diabetes clinic is to educate and help patients with diabetes especially in the areas of:
1-:Self-Management issues need to be modified according to the complication. Like : Intake of Pills/Timings/Insulin needs etc do change with Neuropathy OR with Kidney disease .
2-:Meal Planning- Special Needs for Uric Acid, Lipid disorders, Heart or Brain attack patients etc are to be discussed and explained in special Clinic
3-:Exercise needs and prescription drastically changes in complicated Diabetes.
4-:Medications need close attention and all Diabetes Medicines need fine adjustment whenever patients are taking medicines for multiple ailments. Polypharmacy , that is taking many pills everyday itself is a big challenge even for a well qualified Doctor.
5-:Diabetes-related complications most of the times require New targets New treatments and New approach , again a challenging task for any average physician.
6-:No two patients can have similar targets or treatments ,even if they have similar ailments or complications. Never think of having same treatment as someone else is having for his Kidney or Heart disease. Beware of any such mass treatment offers/ campaigns.
7-:You can rely on the experienced professionals of our Diabetes Clinic. The clinic has an excellent educated and team of professionals..

The team includes:
o Doctors
o Nurse Educators
o Clinical Pharmacists
o Dietitians
o Social Workers
o Psychologists
o Diabetes Researchers

We provide complete evaluation and treatment for all diabetic conditions and its complications for patients of any age. Our team works closely with the family physician and send full reports to your Family Doctor with areas of concern if noticed,after each visit.

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