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If you Want a Second opinion : you may contact us as per the directions given below:

1.  Get your Lab reports scanned and saved a s JPEG/PDF image(.jpg & .pdf format)

2.  Scan your prescription and save as JPEG/PDF format

3.  Clearly write down your present problem, like if you are not getting Blood Glucose controlled or you are not          finding relef in any particular symptom etc should be clearly mentioned,Any suspected side effect or reaction          can be mentioned.

4.  If you want to ask a query on a particular lesion on your body like a foot Ulcer/wound or skin patch you may          please photograph it with a digital camera and make a JPEG/PDF file of it.

5.  E mail all the above information to : ALONGWITH a proof of deposition of Rs. 300/=              (Rupees Three Hundred Only) in our Bank account: Ac No : 604200300000271 Payable at Vijaya Bank,Malviya Nagar,New Delhi Please Note: You will get reply within 72 Hrs only if the deposition is confirmed at our end Do Write YOUR PATIENT in the Subject column of you Email. DEAR READER PLEASE DO NOT TRY THIS ACCOUNT NUMBER AND MY DETAILS TO BOOK TICKETS OR TO WITHDRAW MONEY FROM THIS ACCOUNT!THIS ACCOUNT IS NOT ACTIVATED FOR NET BANKING AND MOREOVER YOU CAN ONLY DEPOSIT MONEY NO WITHDRAWLS ARE POSSIBLE>SOMEONE HAS TRIED TWICE TO BOOK TICKETS USING MY DETAILS ALREADY!!

Consultant Diabetologist,
Head Diabetes and Metabolic Diseases
P.G.Medical Center
Rockland Hospital
New Delhi